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Okura Group to launch online travel planner app

Hotel Okura Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese hospitality company headquartered in Tokyo, is launching an online travel planner app on the websites of its two luxury hotel groups, Okura Hotels & Resorts and Nikko Hotels International.

The app, developed by TripSketch Corporation, helps travelers identify local attractions and plan sightseeing and activities. Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. is the first Japanese hospitality company offering the application. TripSketch has customized the app for 19 of the group’s properties and linked it to ‘local offers’ on the hotels’ individual pages.

Guests who plan to stay at the hotels can browse the destinations' tourist attractions, tours and excursions and see their distance from the hotel.  This will help guests plan activities and create itineraries that can be saved, e-mailed and shared.  The app will be available for 19 group hotels in Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Honolulu, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf.

 “We constantly look for new ways to improve our international clients' experience when they stay with us, and make their stays more convenient and enjoyable,” said Kenji Goto, Representative Director and Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer of Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. “This application will let our guests engage with us well before their arrival. Of course, our hotel concierges can offer additional suggestions when guests arrive.”

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