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Top Connect unveils Think Global, Act Local Strategy for its Pre-Paid TravelSim Service

Local numbers from device power-up

Telecommunications firm Top Connect today unveils a Think Global, Act Local business policy that will see business travelers and tourists using the pre-paid TravelSim service being automatically provided with "local" national numbers from device power-up.

The rationale behind this policy is to encourage more data downloads when its user base are travelling, enabling them to obtain the best data rates available when they switch on their devices.

Visitors to the US with a TravelSim card already have local US numbers from power-up. UK users will have local numbers in the coming days. Top Connect's Think Global, Act Local philosophy will then be progressively rolled-out to other countries throughout the year.

TravelSim is the world's leading international pre-paid communications service. With 3.8 million users in five continents, Top Connect has announced plans to extend the TravelSim user base to 5 million by end 2014.

Top Connect is on target to meet this goal and will continue to meet with prospective distributors, essentially mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), at key B2B and B2C events and exhibitions throughout the year including International Telecoms Week (ITW) Chicago in May and Smartphone Japan also in May.

Recently, Top Connect announced that its TravelSim service had saved its user base a collective $200 million in roaming charges in 2013. This figure is expected to increase to $300 million by end year 2014 and supplying "local" numbers from power up is seen by Top Connect's management as a key driver.

The figure compares TravelSim's service with costs that would have been amassed if its user base had paid standard roaming charges from their local providers when travelling abroad.

Thanks to its agreements with tier one GSM providers around the globe, TravelSim provides a high quality, low cost service that can save customers up to 85% on making calls while abroad. It also offers free incoming calls in 140 countries and free worldwide SMS. The TravelSim product can be used in 190 countries. TravelSim's user base is made up of direct users and customers of MVNOs across the world. About 60% are business travellers.

"At Top Connect, we recognise that TravelSim users would feel more comfortable using their mobile phones with a local number for data usage when travelling," says Mikhail Markin, TravelSim's Head of Product Development Department. "By introducing this Think Global, Act Local business strategy, TravelSim continues to lead the way in pre-paid communications."

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