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Bizzabo networking platform launches unique real-time polling and voting feature

Bizzabo, a leading networking platform and event guide for conferences, has launched a new survey and real-time polling feature for both their online and mobile platforms. Organisers can reach their audience through text messages, a dedicated URL or Bizzabo’s web platform, increasing participation and significantly improving events and conferences through direct feedback from attendees.

By connecting a networking platform to a polling system, Bizzabo creates a unique opportunity for event organisers to gain a deeper level of attendee insight by filtering poll results based on job title, industry, experience and more. For example, an organizer would be able to filter and see what C-level executives answered on a specific question.

Until today, event planners had to pay for a dedicated polling system in addition to an event app and a networking platform. Bizzabo’s integrated system reduces costs, saves setup time and makes the attendee experience more seamless.  

Use cases for the new polling feature include:
• Session Content Surveys
• Live Opinion Polls
• Total Experience Surveys
• Startup Competitions
• Speaker Popularity Competitions
• Post-Event Questionnaires

“Our new conference polling feature enriches the experience for events by creating an interactive outlet for attendees to discover interesting topics and to ensure their opinions are heard - making events just that much better,” said CMO and Co-Founder Alon Alroy “Our goal is to enhance the engagement capabilities of Bizzabo’s event networking technology by creating a captivating platform for engagement amongst attendees and event organisers. The ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ finally meets its natural home… the conference.”

Bizzabo revolutionizes the event experience by socializing conferences for both attendees and organisers and delivering increased potential to network, communicate ideas and receive valuable feedback.

“Feedback is essential to planning successful events and we work round-the-clock to improve the communication between organisers and attendees,” says Alroy. “Our new conference polling feature is a direct line for attendees to share their experiences using live opinion polls, total experience surveys or competitions. These new insights give participants a real feeling of contributing to the conference atmosphere and allows organisers to increase engagement and audience connection. In short, we’re putting one more layer of ‘social’ into what should be a very social experience.”

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