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The Return of the Webinar?

Digital event specialists, the Live Group, are seeing the resurgence of the webinar as developments in event technology are increasing the impact and engagement in the medium. The agency, which remains an innovator in event technology, has already seen a 17% increase in the amount of webinars produced for its clients across government and financial sectors.

“The once humble webinar is certainly on the rise as our clients are looking to create more hybrid events and better experiences for remote delegates,” comments Toby Lewis, Managing Director of the Live Group. “We’ve invested heavily in ground breaking new technology and this is giving our clients more confidence in the medium and our ability to create stronger engagement with off site audiences.”  

Lewis continues, “The retro view of the webinar conjures images of little screens with bad volume and poor production. Nowadays though we have multi room events and delegates that can access content on any device, anywhere in the world. What is more, each delegate can seamlessly offer opinion, comment, and interact using voting, all in real time during the event as well as both before and after the experience.”  

The Live Group has seen existing clients reappraise webinars as technology innovated by the Live Group, including its GreenGage, GreenGage Mobile and GreenGage Interactive digital products, improve the production and engagement of the experience.  

One of the Live Group’s clients, Jenny Driscoll, Senior Associate, FCA, commented: “It was clear that we needed to offer an alternative to our roadshows and the webinar was a great solution for the FCA. It was relatively straightforward to set up and very effective in gathering feedback from firms and other organisations. Several of the people who took part said that they liked the opportunity of being able to provide live questions and feedback to the FCA from their own computer.  

“While events play an important role in providing the face-to-face contact with firms and other organisations, it’s clear that digital engagement is a critical tool. In response to the feedback we had from delegates, we’re now planning more webinars, including ones that focus on specific sectors or on a particular issue. The webinar turned out to be extremely effective solution and excelled in the results it delivered," concluded Driscoll.  

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