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Statesman Travel partners with Mantic Point to deliver integrated itinerary package for its travellers

Statesman Travel Group, a London-based travel management company, has partnered with Mantic Point, to introduce a brand new integrated itinerary management solution for the benefit of its travellers.  Via the iTIM (Integrated Traveller Itinerary Management) platform, Statesman Travel will deliver a fully-branded, consistent and contextual experience across mobile, email, online and social media, meaning travellers can access the information they need for their journey, at any time, from any device.

The Mantic Point service also includes a ‘Who’s Where’ module, which provides Statesman Travel with a corporate duty of care product.  It is a traveller location and reporting tool, which, within a few clicks, enables Statesman Travel’s clients to track travelling employees and send and receive direct messages between travel managers, bookers and travellers.  

Mervyn Williamson, Joint-Managing Director of Statesman Travel Group said: “We provide a full range of travel management services tailored to the specific needs of both corporate and private clients.  By integrating Mantic Point’s iTIM platform, we are able to provide our clients with a consistent way of accessing travel itinerary data, regardless of whether they are on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.   

The added advantage of the Who’s Where module also means we can provide an unrivalled duty of care service, so our clients can fully track their travelling employees and ensure their safety. It will also give our Travel Teams up to the minute updates on flight delays and cancellations, allowing us to proactively hold flights on behalf of our travellers, extending our personal service approach.”  

The iTIM platform also provides a number of useful supporting features that travellers can access via a Statesman Travel-branded smartphone app, such as the ability to ‘check in’, flight status notifications, updates to their planned itinerary, plus international airport guides, currency conversion tools and access to localised weather forecasts.  

Added Mike Atherton, Mantic Point’s CEO: “We are proud to be supporting Statesman Travel with delivering an innovative itinerary management solution that will meet the needs of its clients, both today and in the future.  By rolling out the iTIM solution, Statesman Travel is able to deliver a highly proactive and efficient service, in a consistent and relevant way, which is easy to navigate regardless of whether the traveller is using a web-browser on their PC, or an app on their mobile Tablet or phone.”

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