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American Express Global Business Travel launches enhancement to traveller care solution in UK

AX CONNECT mobile application helps enable powerful communication between travel managers and travellers

American Express Global Business Travel has announced that a new traveller-facing mobile interface for its traveller care solution, AX CONNECT, is now available in the UK.
American Express Global Business Travel is adding functionality to AX CONNECT, its traveller care solution, which enables travel managers to pinpoint impacted travellers, communicate with them via email and SMS, and prioritise aid to those travellers with the greatest need during a time of disruption. The enhancement to AX CONNECT’s communication capabilities is a mobile application that provides an intuitive interface through which travellers can communicate with their travel managers.

Champa Magesh, Vice President and General Manager U.K., American Express Global Business Travel, said: “As business becomes increasingly global and corporations make further investments in business travel in order to drive growth, we have seen our customers continue to place an emphasis on traveller care solutions that help them ensure traveller safety and mitigate potential risk.

“The launch of the AX CONNECT mobile application is demonstrative of our commitment to becoming a next-generation travel management company. We are focused on investing in innovative products that help engage the modern traveller, deliver them the high level of service that is synonymous with American Express while also continuing to address the safety, security and compliance concerns of our corporate clients.”

The AX CONNECT communication capabilities include the following features:
Customised Two-Way Messaging: Travel managers can send employees customised messages through the application’s interface and provide response options for travellers to select with the tap of a finger. For instance, travel managers can tailor these messages to check a traveller’s status or offer choices for itinerary changes.
Automatic Alerts: Travellers receive automatic travel alerts prior to and during their trip, such as safety tips and potential travel disruptions at their destination or current location. GPS Location Services: Travellers have the option to approve a travel manager’s request for a one-time share of their GPS-based location during a time of disruption, enabling travel managers to provide more customised assistance.
Click-to-Call: In the event of an emergency, travellers can reach a member of their company’s security team with one click.

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