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HRG Insight unveils new user benefits

Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), the award-winning international corporate services company, today unveiled enhancements to HRG InsightTM, the interactive mapping and reporting tool, at the Business Travel Show in London.  Additional reporting capabilities which increase usability of security mapping functions and improved performance and relevance of client data have all been upgraded.

Nigel Meyer, HRG’s Group Technology and Data Services Director, said: “We have spent the last 18 months listening to clients using HRG Insight in order to find out exactly what their requirements are. By responding to their changing needs and focusing our attention on upgrading existing HRG Insight features we have added a level of maturity to what was originally a fresh new product.

“Data is becoming increasingly important to decision makers across businesses and therefore it is essential that our clients have an intelligent, flexible and useable tool in order to get the most out of their travel related data. Whether it is monitoring compliance levels, analysing supplier relations or tracking the safety and security of travellers, HRG Insight has been enhanced to meet the needs of our clients head on.” 

HRG’s dedicated team of specialists have been working closely with clients over the past 18 months to implement and manage HRG Insight. Exceptional user experiences of the innovative tool have resulted in additions to the following features:
• The HRG Insight online report library has been enhanced to include approximately 30 new reports, which increase the versatility and refinement of report creation and improve navigation of the tool.
• Additional security mapping capabilities have been designed to deliver further flexibility and help travel managers to locate their travellers quickly at the touch of a button.
• Performance and relevance of data accessible through HRG Insight has been improved through new transaction download functionality designed to make content more pertinent to individual clients’ data.

These features add a level of maturity to HRG Insight by adapting to clients’ individual travel data management requirements. This flexibility allows users to interrogate their pre, during and post travel data to a greater depth than ever before. 

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