Singapore Exhibition & Conference Bureau to bring Virtual Reality to Confex International 2016

Singapore Exhibition & Conference Bureau (SECB) – a group of the Singapore Tourism Board – is set to demonstrate its technological proficiency at Confex International 2016 by exhibiting its virtual reality experience at stand A70. The fully-immersive 360 degree experience transports users to the heart of the vibrant city-state – there really is no better way of experiencing Singapore without actually going. Those attending are invited to visit SECB’s stand to try the experience for themselves.

The virtual reality experience is created by a ‘sphere’ of video content, shot on several cameras and then edited together, to place users right into the middle of the action. This is brought to life through a VR headset, filling the user’s entire field of vision, tracking head movements with a gyroscope, orientation sensor and accelerometer. This creates the illusion of reality and tricks the user’s brain into feeling like they are actually there.  

SECB’s attendance is demonstrative of the fact that the business travel sector is a key contributor to the tourism market in Singapore, with 3.2m visitors in 2014 contributing an estimated S$5.2 billion (£2.6bn) to its economy. There are many reasons why Singapore is the ideal destination for international business travellers, with it providing a conductive platform to achieve success through a dynamic environment underpinned by vibrant knowledge. These factors and many more have seen Singapore receive recent accolades including:
• Asia’s Top Convention City for the 13th consecutive year (International Congress and Convention Association Global Rankings 2014)
• Top International Meeting City for the 8th consecutive year (Union of International Associations Global Rankings 2014)
• Best BT MICE City 2015 (TTG Travel Awards 2015)

Singapore’s extensive global trade and communications networks provide market access and trade flows to Asia Pacific and the world. Singapore is also one of Asia’s main air, sea and telecommunications hubs with market access to some 4 billion people within a 7-hour flight radius. The pro-business environment sees a presence in Singapore from more than 7,000 multinational companies.

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