Giant iTab to launch Experience, Collaborate & Play Table at International Confex

Giant iTab
The Giant iTab company will be launching a new interactive ‘Experience, Collaborate & Play’ table at International Confex this year, as part of the company’s partnership with the events industry’s leading exhibition. As well as exhibiting at the show, Giant iTab will also be installing multiple giant smart phones as way finders and app demonstrators throughout the show.

In total there will be nine different examples of the Giant iTab hardware across the show, as well as those being used by event app development and enterprise companies to showcase their products. The company returns to International Confex for the 6th year running and continues to pioneer audience interaction and customer engagement hardware, built around smart phone technology.

The new table, available in both 42 and 55 inch formats, is being launched at International Confex, bringing a sleek design extension to the Giant iTab, and adding to the companies growing product portfolio. The new additions will also further demonstrate the company’s leadership in intuitive hardware, ideal for display, enterprise and gamification for business.

“We’re delighted to be presenting our new table to the International Confex audience this year, it’s a beautiful piece of kit and does everything that Giant iTab’s promise, immersive, intuitive experiences for businesses to do business,” comments Mark Jones, CEO & Founder, Giant iTab. “The tables are great for round table presentations, business gamification, and for those that need it, a chance to relax and play a game of air hockey!”

Giant iTab continues to expand its business across the globe, with growth in Europe, the Middle East, Far East, Australasia and North America. The company has enjoyed cross industry expansion, outside major events and exhibitions and into the retail environment, as well as within businesses for display, presentation, and digital development.

“We’ve continued to win awards for the quality and simplicity of our hardware, and this has helped us expand our business both geographically and within industry,” continued Mark. “The secret is in the simplicity, its intuitive technology that customers instantly understand; they know it because they have a little Giant iTab in their pocket.”

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