Destination Slovenia at ITB Berlin 2015

This small EU country nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic coast boasts a gigantic range of natural and cultural attractions. Slovenia is somewhat of a travel secret waiting to be discovered by visitors from around the globe. At the upcoming ITB Berlin 2015 on March 5, media representatives and other delegates will be able to this presentation featuring high-ranking players in Slovenia’s travel and tourism chain.

Fraport AG, Ljubljana Airport (LJU) – which is part of the Fraport family of airports – and its Slovenian partners are jointly presenting the keynote event on Thursday, March 5 starting at 10:30 a.m. on March 5, 2015, at Messe Berlin’s “Dessau 3” conference area in the “Meeting Bridge” between Halls 6 and 7 of the ITB exhibition site.

The opening speech will be delivered by Her Excellency Marta Kos Marko, Slovenia’s ambassador to Germany in Berlin. Slovenia’s economy and technology minister, Zdravko Počivalšek, will discuss the importance of the travel/tourism industry and aviation for Slovenia’s economy. Fraport’s COO Anke Giesen and Aerodrom Ljubljana’s CEO Zmago Skobir, as well as Adria Airways CEO Mark Anžur, will talk about role and advantages of Gateway Ljubljana Airport for Slovenia’s tourism sector.

Karmen Novarlič, the head of the Slovenian Tourist Board at SPIRIT, and Petra Stušek, the general Manager of Ljubljana Tourism, will both give insight into the “Spirit of Slovenia” – Europe’s Spirit of Slovenia – Europe’s Country of Diversity&Endless Nature.” Beautiful Slovenia offers an amazing diversity of geography: blending Alpine mountains and forests, Adriatic coastline, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the festive flair of its towns and Ljubljana – one of the EU's lively young capitals. By the way, this green city in a green country has been named “Green Capital of Europe 2016” by the European Commission. Do not miss out on this presentation at ITB Berlin 2015 and the chance to find out what it means to “Feel sLOVEnia.”

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