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Largest FCCA Trade Show planned for St. Maarten

Only two months remain until the FCCA Trade Show. Don't miss your chance to target about 1,000 tourism stakeholders and over 100 cruise executives, presidents and CEOs. Booth space is limited and selling quickly, so time is of the essence to secure a front and center position to capture the attention of important decision makers focused on sourcing new business and expanding existing business.

Exhibitors are guaranteed exposure through numerous events hosted at the Trade Show, such as a cruise executive preview, cocktail reception and Conference social functions. Plus traffic will be driven by the Trade Show's location, with all attendees entering and passing through to access the FCCA Cruise Conference's meetings, workshops, business sessions and registration.  

This is your chance to ensure exposure to pivotal tourism stakeholders and cruise executives that decide where ships call and what is sold onboard. So if you want to increase your cruise tourism business, book your booth and plane ticket for St. Maarten from October 6 - 10.

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