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Grand Central Hotel brings carbonated cocktails to Scotland

Grand Central Hotel carbonated cocktails
The carbonated cocktails drinks trend emerging from New York has made its debut in Scotland thanks to the creative efforts of the bar team at Champagne Central, within the Grand Central Hotel.
Determined to keep the offering at Champagne Central innovative and fresh, the team has been working on a range of new concepts for the menu, and carbonated cocktails won the taste test with the in-house sampling team.

Carbonated cocktails are made in the traditional way and then carbonated to add ‘fizz’ without diluting the taste. They are currently only available in a very select number of bars in New York, San Francisco and London.

Three delicious carbonated cocktails have been created by Margaret Law, Champagne Central’s Supervisor. Each priced at £11.95 each.

The Grand Violet: A gin based delight that tastes like your favourite sweeties
Lemon Bon Bon: Lemon, butterscotch and vodka make up this wee gem
White Chocolate Martini: A tasty vodka treat for the chocoholics amongst us

Margaret Law at Champagne Central said: “I was keen to bring something innovative and fresh to our customers and set Grand Central apart as doing something completely new for our customers. The three cocktails in the range are very elegant and of course delicious and I hope they will be a massive hit with the ladies and discerning gentlemen.”

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