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A Buddy Day experience could last a lifetime

As part of this month’s innovative Scottish Tourism Careers Festival 2013, spearheaded by the charity Springboard, several ‘Buddy Days’ are taking place across the country, including Edinburgh and Glasgow on 20 March, enabling hundreds of young people to chum an expert for a day and learn skills that could help them choose a career path for life.

Springboard helps young, unemployed and disadvantaged people improve their employment prospects within the tourism and hospitality industry. The charity is providing hands-on work experience by offering the opportunity, through the Buddy Days, to shadow an employee within a broad-range of roles in a sector that is currently Scotland’s second largest employer.  

Elise MacDonald, Operations Manager with Springboard Scotland, says: “The Buddy Day gives individuals a taste of what a particular job involves, including an insight into the skills and qualities needed. It also offers businesses the chance to share best practice with potential future employees.

“For those interested in a career in hospitality and tourism, learning from someone firsthand can often change what was only a consideration into a definitive career choice.  Aside from businesses, Buddy Days are also geared towards those who support or influence young people including parents, teachers and careers advisors. In essence, trying out a role for a day might help those involved choose to work within an industry that has plenty of scope to provide a job for the foreseeable future.”

The Scottish Tourism Careers Festival 2013 offers an essential link between the industry, key influencers and potential recruits, as well as the wider community, which the Buddy Days aptly demonstrate.

Rosemary Spenke, Director and Co-Proprietor of Balbirnie House, recently took part in a similar event in Fife, she says: "Balbirnie House was delighted to participate in this event. This is the perfect opportunity for a number of young people who have expressed a desire to work in the hotel business to spend a day in their preferred departments and gain a real working knowledge of potential job prospects."

The Scottish Tourism Careers Festival 2013 runs until the end of March, with a packed calendar of events taking place throughout Scotland. For further information on the festival, please visit or  

If you are interested in attending or participating in similar events in the future contact: Elise MacDonald, Operations Manager, Springboard Scotland on 07824 567 974 or Louise Routh, Marketing, Communications & PR Director, Springboard UK on 020 7529 8610.

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