Heathrow Express reveals all about ‘bleisure travellers’

As the travel industry head to the Azores for the Travel Convention this weekend there is good news for the convention hosts. 
Recent data shows that when business travellers attend a conference in a destination not visited before, 66% will add up to two weeks to their trip for leisure purposes.

The Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report 2017 identifies different personas of business travellers from the relative importance of different motivations when choosing flights, accommodation and transport to and from the airport.  The increasing trend of mixing business trips with leisure has created ‘bleisure’ travellers.

Motivated more than an average business traveller by brand reputation and prestige, these travellers offer travel professionals an opportunity to up-sell to partners and families, as they are more interested in making their trip as enjoyable as possible and finding the best places to stay and ways of getting there.

The profile of this group shows bleisure travellers are least likely to spend time at the airport working with 62% favouring relaxing and 61% eating or drinking. When flying short haul, they are least likely to be flying economy, with 60% flying in the front of the plane. For long haul flights, only 14% fly economy.

Bleisure travellers are also the biggest spenders of their own money in destinations – with an average of £423 being spent on each trip when it comes to accommodation, food, shopping and transport. 

Fraser Brown, Director of Heathrow Express said: “Bleisure travellers make the most of their trip away. Not only do they offer travel professionals with great opportunities for upgrading and selling to their friends and family, but destinations and local communities can also benefit from their extended leisure time and spending habits.”

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