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Search ITCM reaffirms its digital leadership on the American hotel market

Qubit releases the study “Global Hotels Benchmark” in which Accor group multi-brands portal is assessed and rewarded.
Published at the beginning of December, the objective of the Qubit "Global Hotels Benchmark" study is to analyze onsite client experience and the traffic acquisition strategies of 8 hotel websites on the American market. came 3rd for Best Hotel, ranking before it main competitors; Starwood, Choice Hotels and Best Western for “performance” and “accessibility” parts of the study.

"It is a big pride that we raise ourselves at the top of the classification in a country where we have a network of 17 hotels only. It is an important market for us, because American travelers flows are important towards Europe and Asia and especially towards France”, asserts Romain ROULLEAU, E-commerce Director Manager for Accor France.

User experience presented in 4 categories

2nd in “Search” section is 2nd in the "Search" section where the user journey is scrutinized. Navigation fluidity and personalisation have been rewarded, in particular for the simple and efficient Search toolbar: "we pay a particular attention to the way we push our offers to our customers. Great novelties are to come in 2014 which will raise us, I hope, in the 1st place" he adds.

2nd in “Personalize” section
The website gets an average of 74 % in the “Personalize” section. Personalisation is one of the major challenges. Using analytics and web testing solutions, Accor has been able to secure high ranking for this section, "in order to offer content which is constantly more innovative and adapted to our client’s requests". For example, with the new inspiration engine they can anticipate buyers’ behaviour and suggest offers corresponding to their interests. Another example is from them using Maxymizer for webtesting to find the structure of the page which converts better.

3nd in the “buy” section
The transaction is the outcome of a successful user journey. Bookings have been encouraged by displaying the hotels and services clearly, and also from the transparent pricing (“crossed” prices will be added on; there are no surprises for the user.

3rd in the "mobile" category
Mobile, the 5th performance criteria, obtains an average score of 81 %. Mobile records a 3-digit growth due to the optimization of the mobile site and the creation of the brand applications. app is available on Android, Blackberry and on the last version Apple IOS 7.

A very strong growth
With 31 versions of geolocalised websites, obtains a 20 % growth in comparison to 2012 and attracts over 10 million visitors per month. plans to strengthen its digital presence in 2014 in particular with a more aggressive traffic acquisition campaign by purchasing 3 tools to measure and optimize the performance: Maxymiser, Searchmetrics and Socialbakers.

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