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For ‘housekeepers’ read ‘sleepkeepers’

Macdonald hails the unsung heroes of hotels

’Customer surveys’, says Ruaridh Macdonald, Operations Director of Macdonald Hotels, ‘show that our guests rate sleep and cleanliness 9 out of 10. We put this success down to the teams who are there 24 hours a day to ensure that guests get the best sleep possible.

‘Accordingly, we have renamed the teams Sleepkeepers instead of Housekeepers’.

He goes on to say ‘’Our Sleepkeeping teams work incredibly hard to maintain spotless, relaxing rooms, but the nature of their work means they are often unseen by guests’. 

He says that they do everything possible to ensure a goodnight’s sleep. ‘For example, they use furniture polish with a lavender fragrance, because lavender is renowned for aiding relaxation and sleep. And, at the other extreme, they source mattresses and divans from suppliers who also supply them to the Royal Family.’

Sue Hough, Head Sleepkeeper at Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa, has worked at the hotel for 2 years and leads a team of 55.

She said: ‘When it comes to sleep, we aim to take care of every little detail so guests can relax just like they would in their own home. We arrange bedrooms to give guests an optimum night’s sleep and every bed is dressed in high thread cotton sheets for added luxury and comfort.’

Although established in Aberdeen as recently as 1990 by Donald Macdonald and colleagues, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts has become the UK’s largest privately owned hotel group. It operates over 45 hotels in the UK and ten resorts in the UK and Spain.

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