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Grosvenor House's JW Steakhouse launches the ultimate American dining experience #Steaksecret

Intelligence reports indicate that a secret mission, for those who choose to accept it, is set to launch in the heart of London’s affluent Mayfair at JW Steakhouse, one of the leading American steakhouses located in Park Lane’s iconic Grosvenor House, a JW Marriott Hotel. 

If the rumour is true, the restaurant will be introducing an exclusive and intimate dining experience titled #steaksecret which will take place in the Private Dining Room, away from prying eyes of local civilians. The mission includes tracking down JW Steakhouse’s Head Chef, Julian Ward who has created a characteristically American, mouth-watering set menu. Julian holds the key to unveiling the #steaksecret.

The #steaksecret concept was born out of a desire to provide steak connoisseurs and lovers of seasonally-influenced food with the opportunity to embark on a voyage of American cuisine. Only those connoisseurs who can find a secret passcode will have the opportunity to take on this mission.

From October 2013, the #steaksecret mission will begin at 19:00hrs, entering via a disused entrance located on Upper Grosvenor Street.  Guests will be welcomed by a #steaksecret official, escorted through the bustling kitchen as the evening’s dinner service is in full swing before entering the Private Dining Room. This is where the authentic seven course American steakhouse set menu will come to life, and where diners will begin to discover London’s new #steaksecret.

The #steaksecret experience includes some of the finest cuts of American USDA beef including the signature steak, an on-the-bone rib-eye named “The “Tomahawk”, which can only be found at JW Steakhouse. Guests will be served the most authentic American dishes including a Maryland-style lump crab cake with “Rockefeller Oysters” and a sumptuous doughnut trio with some surprising fillings.

To complement the #steaksecret menu, each cut of steak will be paired with wine and a selection of single barrel and small batch bourbons, presented in innovative tasting flights.

The latest intelligence on Julian Ward, Head Chef of JW Steakhouse, came through this morning from another agent. He was overheard saying: “Steak Secret is really unique and plays on our whole restaurant concept. This experience sends those lucky enough to be in on the steak secret, on a journey of American cuisine.”

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