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W Taipei announced an expected TWD1million purchase of eco products from "Trash Re-Design" project

On September 5th, Chung-Ching Chang, Deputy Director of Knowledge Service Division of the Industrial Development Bureau and Cary M. Gary, General Manager of W Taipei celebrated the finale of "Trash Re-design TDC x W Taipei" with the eco-friendly products which are designed by the Taiwan 7 design teams and customized for W Taipei. At the finale, the "Best of the Best Online Voted Award" was presented to Yi Fei Chen who won the largest number of votes online.

And W Taipei announced a list of products by Fanny Kuo(Jewelry Holder), Wanting Liao(Pinball), and Yu-Jui Chou(Lollypop Coaster) which are expected to be purchased by the hotel as hotel amenities and guest experience enhancements. W Taipei not only supports the talented Taiwan designers by investing more than TWD1,000,000 purchasing but also embodies the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and the sustainability subject from this innovative design project.

"We had an inspiring Taiwan design journey with Taiwan Design Center (TDC) and Miniwiz and witnessed the energy and creativity of "Design in Taiwan" and the vitality from these up-and-coming talents who shines at the W design stage." shared by Cary M. Gary, General Manager of W Taipei.

For the past 4-month, "Trash Re-design TDC x W Taipei" has transformed used plastic items, such as water bottles, in-room slippers, bath amenities at W Taipei, into green materials with the sustainability expertise from Miniwiz. Then the 7 teams of talented Taiwan designers applied theses materials to the trendy items that would once again be used back to W Taipei. The project also plans to implement the successful green initiative to W Hotels in Asia Pacific in the coming future.

The project run by Taiwan Design Center, W Taipei, Miniwiz and 7 teams of talented young designers, inlcuding Vii Chen , Yujui Chou, Cyc Chen, Chuncheng Hsu, Flora Tsai, Wanting Liao, Yifei Chen, and Fanny Kuo. From May to August this year, designers conducted materials research and used their creative ideas to transform the recycled hotel waste into innovative items to be able to be used in a luxury hotel. Items to be presented can be used in the fields of industrial design, interior design, and fashion design.

During the 4-month design workshop, designers have been faced with challenges, including meeting the needs of the hotel and unique design style, demonstrating the features of the green materials, and developing protocols for mass production. Therefore, in producing design, 3D prototypes, and mockups, designers have been constantly thinking innovatively. Involving different industries and expertise, this project is unprecedented in the hospitality industry in Taiwan. Through the world-renowned enterprise, the designers have demonstrated Taiwan's design, a soft power of Taiwan, to the world.

As a leading design hotel with a passion of Fashion, Music and Design, W Taipei has been devoted itself to environmental sustainable development while still supplying at 5 star standards. W Taipei produces more than 300,000 used plastic bottles each year. Therefore, conducting this green design project is the best innovative solution to alleviate the environmental pollution caused by the hotel daily waste.

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