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Signature Living Hotel - Home of the Titanic, Liverpool

Signature Living Hotel - Home of the Titanic, Liverpool
Husband and Wife team, who own the Signature Living brand based in Liverpool have acquired Albion House on the corner of James Street and the Strand and will be converting it to a Titanic themed hotel. The building is Grade 2 star listed and was the headquarters of the White star line who were the operators of the Titanic vessel which went down in 1912. When news of the Titanic disaster spread, officials were too afraid to leave the building and famously read the names of the deceased from the balcony. The hotel will be called Signature Living Hotel - Home of the Titanic.

Bernard Shaw, who is the original architect designed the building at the same time as Scotland Yard, the two buildings are twinned. When it was built originally it was the tallest building in Liverpool. Philip Antonio is the new architect, with Lawrence Kenwright doing all of the interior design himself, as he has in all 4 previous Signature Living properties.

Signature Living currently have over 300 beds in Liverpool City Centre, at Bold Street, Victoria Street, Mathew Street and their new movie themed hotel on Stanley Street and they plan to put another 350 beds into this building before taking their unique concept and design to London. Signature Living pride themselves on excellent customer service and are the first company to have 2 places currently ranked number 1 on TripAdvisor in the same city.

Lawrence Kenwright had this to say 'We plan to honour the history of the building but use our unique style to put our own stamp on it. We are very excited about this new project and hope the people of Liverpool will support us, we think we'll see a boom in International tourism off the back of it, we would love to get Kate Winslet or Leonardo Di Caprio to open it for us'

As well as the 350 beds the hotel will boast a 4400 square foot banqueting suite which will be perfect for weddings, the room has an amazing amount of natural light and stunning views of the 3 graces, the Albert dock and the Mersey.

Signature Living will be looking at bringing in a celebrity chef to take over the Restaurant.

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