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St Pancras Renaissance Hotel launches Beer & Bites menu in partnership with leading female Beer Sommelier, Marverine Cole

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel Beer & Bites
St Pancras Renaissance Hotel launched its Beer & Bites menu last week, which will run for one month on the hotel’s exclusive Hansom Hall Terrace before transferring to the Booking Office Bar. The specially curated Beer & Bites menu, showcases the hotel’s new own brand, St Pancras Beer, brewed exclusively for the property by Oldershaw Brewery.

Designed by one of the UK’s leading female beer sommeliers, Marverine Cole, the beer and food pairing menu offers a selection of beers including St Pancras Beer, a St Pancras Beer Mojito and a non-alcoholic Root Beer and pairs them with a variety of bar snacks, designed to complement the flavours in the drink.

The hotel is one of the only properties in London to offer its own label beer and the accompanying menu will enable hotel guests and patrons to discover more about the drink and its versatility.

The launch highlights the growing trend for beer and food matching in the UK. Pairing food and beer is a huge food and drink experience in the US, which is growing in popularity here in the UK. Many events are led by “beer sommeliers”, qualified professionals who offer expert advice and knowledge about beer and the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is at the forefront of this movement in the luxury hotels market.

As one of a growing number of beer sommeliers in the UK, Marverine is passionate about changing the way beer is perceived in this country; "Beer is as versatile as it is diverse, providing both complementary and contrasting experiences when paired with food. It has traditionally had a reputation as a very heavy drink, blamed for beer bellied men across the country. However, being so much lower in alcoholic strength than other drinks, and with their fruity aromas and flavours, ever increasing numbers of women are now opting for beer as their chic, elegant and refreshing first drink of choice.”

The St Pancras area has a long history with the beer industry. The undercroft at St Pancras Station, which now houses cafes and shops, actually used to store beer brought down from breweries in Burton upon Trent, such as Bass and Thomas Salt. The undercroft was designed using iron beams and pillars to maximise the utilization of space and the length of a barrel of beer became the unit of measurement upon which all the arrangements of this floor were made.

Choose any beer and 1 accompanying bite for £11.50 or 2 accompanying bites for £18.00
St Pancras Beer (4.6%)
Salmon Croquettes with Homemade Dressing
Cheese on Toast with Ginger Ketchup
“The refreshing nature of the St Pancras Beer sits in harmony with the herb-filled zestiness of the salmon”

Meantime Wheat Beer (5%)
Scampi with Tartar Sauce Cheese Straws
“The smooth, mousse-like nature of this fruity beer and the texture of the scampi, wrapped in its creamy batter, marry to perfection”

Meantime Stout (4.5%) Haggis Bon Bons with pickled lemon mayonnaise
Crispy Calamari with Chilli Aioli
“The dark chocolate & coffee notes in this stout make terrific bedfellows for these robust nibbles”

Dominion Root Beer (non-alcoholic)
Pigs In A Blanket
Truffle Chips with grated Parmesan
“The sweet honey beer flavour & the juicy pork bangers collide to make a lip-smackingly delicious combo”

St Pancras Beer Mojito (40%) £12.50
“Whilst cocktails are not paired with food, this modern twist on the classic mojito, once again highlights the versatility of beer”

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