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Watch the 2013 Solar Eclipse at Wilderness Collection’s Segera Retreat

A Solar Eclipse is one of the few moments in life when time stands still. This year, on 3rd November, Wilderness Collection’s Segera Retreat invites you to be one of the few people to witness this rare astronomical event nearby at the magical Lake Turkana. Also known as the Jade Sea, the lake is an otherworldly place, set in a volcanic, almost lunar landscape in far northern Kenya, a surreal location to observe an event such as a total eclipse of the sun.

When the disc of the moon passes before the sun in a cosmic dance that takes hours to complete, a shadow rushed across the face of the earth, bringing with it an eerie purplish twilight. Standing in the spot where the three planetary bodies align, the sun becomes a dark circle, surrounded by the corona, a ring of fire. This is an event on a scale that inspires awe and wonder, an inkling of the mysteries of the universe. What better location to witness this eclipse than the place that cradled mankind’s very origins as a species?  

Prior to the eclipse at Lake Turkana, Wilderness Collection invites guests to spend three nights at the luxurious and newly opened Segera Retreat, an oasis in the wilderness of the Laikipia Plateau. This visionary property – already the recipient of a number of awards - is modelled on the 4Cs philosophy (Commerce; Conservation; Community; Culture) and is undoubtedly the most exclusive property in Laikipia.  

While at Segera Retreat day time activities revolve around wildlife, art, community and relaxation, all three nights will see evening lectures and star gazing courtesy of a private astronomer. Included in these discussions will be fascinating facts and explanations of the upcoming solar eclipse, with this astronomer joining guests for their excursion to Lake Turkana.  

Guests can spend three spectacular nights at Segera Retreat from 31st October to 3rd November 2013, before continuing the journey with their own astronomer and a private flight across the northern rangelands of Kenya to Lake Turkana to witness the total eclipse of the sun. End a life-changing day by returning by plane to Nairobi.

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