Cruise line Executives, Presidents & CEOs open for business at the FCCA Conference & Trade Show

The FCCA Conference & Trade Show offers one of the best opportunities to interact face-to-face with cruise line executives, presidents and CEOs. Taking place in Cozumel, Mexico from October 5-9, the five-day event will offer meetings, workshops, social functions, a trade show and more focused on gaining insight from and developing business and relationships with some of the industry's most influential players.

"The FCCA Conference & Trade Show puts cruise tourism stakeholders in the middle of the action," said Micky Arison, chairman of Carnival Corporation & plc and the FCCA. "From tour operators launching their first tour to destinations building a new port, this is the place where decisions and developments are reached and relationships are made to pave the way for future business."  

Arison will be on hand throughout the event and deliver remarks at the opening session, which will also feature a keynote address given by Karl Holz, president of Disney Cruise Line.  

Other presidents, COOs and CEOs will include Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International; Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line; Adam Goldstein, president and COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited; Jason Montague, president and COO of Prestige Cruise Holdings; Frank J. Del Rio, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Limited; Rick Sasso, president and CEO of MSC Cruises (USA); and Andy Stuart, president and COO of Norwegian Cruise Line.  

These prestigious players will participate in functions like the opening and a roundtable workshop, along with being available during the event's schedule chock-full of opportunities to network and develop business and mutual understanding, from meetings with destinations to mixing and mingling with attendees and exhibitors at the Trade Show and nightly dinners and events.  

"I look forward to interacting with cruise tourism's key stakeholders," said Goldstein. "This is a valuable opportunity for regional destinations and operators to learn how they are being affected by and can take advantage of the industry's latest developments."  

Part of Goldstein's interaction with these stakeholders includes hosting a charitable tennis table tournament staged in the Trade Show during the Night Extravaganza on the evening of October 7.  

Plus key cruise executives from numerous sectors-including shore operations, port operations and development, itinerary planning and supply chain/purchasing-will lead workshops focused on understanding and maximizing cruise tourism's impact, as well as one-on-one meetings pre-selected by attendees to gain personalized input and product promotion.  

"The one-on-one meetings allow for us to learn about new developments and products and help fine-tune them to best fit the cruise lines; they give a real vantage point in knowing what the lines are looking for and how to appeal to them," told Federico Gonzalez-Denton, associate vice president, government relations for Latin America and the Caribbean, Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited.  

These executives will also be available during viewings at the Trade Show and will make a concentrated effort to interact with numerous different attendees and exhibitors during networking events.  

This involvement by some of the cruise industry's most important decision makers have turned the FCCA Conference & Trade Show into what it is today-one of the best ways to directly target the cruise industry and maximize its benefits.

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