BC Agency to launch its brand new BC Boutique

bc boutique at International Cruise Summit, Madrid

This new product of BC Agency has been presented at the International Cruise Summit in Madrid

BC Agency, with more than 35 years of experience providing onshore services to shipping companies, is presenting its new division BC Boutique to improve the experience of cruise companies and ships that reach any of the 39 ports where the company works (28 in Spain, 9 in Portugal and 2 in the USA).

BC Boutique is a premium brand, belonging to the BC Agency group and providing tourism services for cruise and tourism companies.

The purpose of BC boutique is to give access to local gastronomy, music and art for any traveller through interaction with local people, and in conditions of absolute exclusivity. With this new line, BC Agency aims to meet the growing demand for personalized services for small groups such as families, friends or even couples.

Currently BC Agency provides 6 different services known as BC Customs & Logistics, BC Shipping, BC Tours, BC Travel, BC shopping and BC Yachting.

The Custom & Logistics service, transfers articles from shipping companies and individuals from one site to another in perfect condition. In the Shipping area, BC is responsible for all land management. They also represent customers when dealing with ports, suppliers or authorities.

BC Tours also organizes new itineraries and excursions to tourist attractions every year. BC Agency has contacts with national and local suppliers allowing it to offer flexible products adapted to all needs.

BC Travel deals with all customer demands when travelling, with a totally personalized treatment and the security of dealing with a company with the experience of Balearic Consignees.

BC Yachting is an international team that provides exclusive services and full coverage for yacht owners and their crew with the confidentiality and speed of response that characterizes the company.

BC Agency currently serves shipping companies such as Cunard, Holland America Line, Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean. In addition, during the last 10 years, it has become the ground operator for Norwegian Cruise Line in turnaround ports like Barcelona, Malaga and Palma.

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