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Travel boom to Cuba expected in light of historical shift in U.S and Cuba relations

Canadian-owned Cuba Cruise foresees increased bookings from travellers eager to experience the iconic island before it changes

The USA and Cuba have agreed to establish diplomatic relations and open economic and travel ties, announced Wednesday afternoon by both President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro. While unlicensed U.S. tourist travel remains banned, Cuba Cruise, a Canadian company, anticipates increased bookings from international travellers eager to explore a country that is virtually free of American commercialisation and chockfull with charm before it might change.

“We do not anticipate that Wednesday’s breaking news regarding the U.S. and Cuba will have an immediate effect on our business practices and model,” said Dugald Wells, Cuba Cruise President and CEO. “However, we absolutely foresee an increase in bookings from international travellers who are drawn to Cuba’s incredibly preserved culture, its mix of old and new world charm, and who want to experience the iconic country before it opens its doors any further.”  

In 2013, Cuba Cruise revolutionized travel to Cuba by offering the first regularly scheduled circumnavigation cruise around the Castro-ruled island. Cuba Cruise is a completely new way to discover the island’s rich culture, history, and world famous beaches. It’s nothing like the fly & fry vacations travellers have been accustomed to when visiting the Caribbean, nor will travellers find themselves in front of American hotels or retail chain stores.  

Cuba Cruise is a Canadian born and bred initiative that not only showcases the beautiful nook and crannies of the island, but also advocates for the Cuban people and celebrates their rich culture as well. The company offers travellers the most comprehensive cruise program on the market, visiting six ports of call and exploring the island’s most iconic destinations like Havana and Santiago de Cuba, and its hidden treasures like Punta Frances on the idyllic Isla de la Juventud.

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