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Outer Shores Expeditions launches new Autumn Voyages to Gulf Islands National Park

Outer Shores Expeditions wooden schooner Passing Cloud
British Columbia’s leading sailing operator, Outer Shores Expeditions, unveils new 2014 Autumn in Gulf Islands National Park sailing dates, providing outdoor adventurers, sailing enthusiasts and B.C. coast explorers with the unique opportunity to experience the Salish Sea - Canada's wildlife riviera - and its unexpected Mediterranean-like climate at the most picturesque time of the year. The five-day expeditions debut on October 15th with subsequent expeditions embarking October 20th and 25th, 2014.

Sailing aboard the classic wooden schooner Passing Cloud, Outer Shores invites guests to immerse themselves in the marine wilderness of B.C.’s Southern Gulf Islands archipelago, home to the last remaining pockets of Garry oak ecosystems and historic trade routes used by the Coast Salish First Nations.

The rich and rare flora and fauna found off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island is best enjoyed in the fall season, when purple starfish and giant green anemones share rocky shores alongside seals and sea lions, resident orcas vigilantly patrol the waters for their next meal and migratory songbirds fly in for a rest before continuing their journey south.

“The Southern Gulf Islands archipelago is beautiful year round, but there’s something particularly magical about being aboard the Passing Cloud in the fall,” says Russell Markel, Outer Shores Expeditions Captain and President. “The climate is ideal for exploring the islands between Nanaimo and Sidney, photographing and experiencing the fascinating ecology, and cultural and natural history of this region.”

Highlights include beach and forest walks on Portland Island, whale, porpoise and seabird watching in the famous Haro Strait and sea kayaking around the 33-square kilometre Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

With only three autumn sailings available, space is limited

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