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New airports to lure cruise passengers to Honduras’ “Golden Triangle”

New facilities will make it easier to combine the Bay Islands, Copan and the Lenca Trail, the three main attractions in Western Honduras

The recent opening of a new airport in Gracias and the future opening of an airport in Copan will make it possible to connect these attractions to the island of Roatan and encourage cruise visitors arriving to the Bay Islands to explore the Western part of the country. 

The Celaque Airport in Gracias provides a gateway to the Lenca Trail, a route that visits picturesque towns and villages where the traditions and typical crafts of the Lenca Indians (predecessors of the Maya) can still be found.  The new airport has a 200 metre long, 23 metre wide runway which allows the arrival of small aircraft carrying up to 30 passengers, as well as a terminal building, café, waiting room and parking area.   

The construction of the new Rio Amarillo Airport near the Copan Ruins Archaeological Park (the most important Maya site in Honduras and a World Heritage Site, renowned for its carvings) was given the go ahead by UNESCO and is expected to be completed by next year.  The facility, which aims to provide services to both domestic and international airlines, will include a 1,200m runway and a 353m2 terminal building.   

Roatan is the main cruising port in Honduras.  The largest of the Bay Islands, located off Honduras’ Caribbean Coast, Roatan offers pristine white sand beaches and excellent diving and snorkelling on the world’s second largest coral reef.  

According to the Honduras Tourist Board, 327 cruise ships carrying around 887,000 passengers are expected to dock in the country this year, compared to 251 cruises last year, bringing in 662,393 passengers.

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