Swayy wins Travel Technology Europe Disrupt AwARD 2018

Swayy staff with award
Swayy are delighted and deeply encouraged at having won the Travel Technology Europe Disrupt Awards 2018, after receiving over 1,000 nominations during a three-week online voting process and outperforming dozens of well established travel tech companies from the world over. 

On day one of TTE, Sway’s CEO, David Gabriele, took part in a challenging five minute ‘Dragons Den Style’ Pitch competing with 4 other finalists; Protected Trust Services, Wanup, Live2Leave and Guidewiser where he won a full-size stand for TTE 2019 worth £8,000 along with extensive promotion in the travel and hotel industry. After a favourable application for the TTE Launchpad competing amongst 15 pioneering startups in the travel-technology space, David took part in the 20:18 innovation session on the second day of TTE where he gave a presentation of 20 slides under a time-limit of just six minutes.

Swayy is a streamlined influencer marketing platform for hoteliers, seeking accountability and transparency in an over-supplied influencer-marketplace that requires pressing reform in order to prove its value to the hospitality industry. We rely on cutting-edge direct-marketing technologies using data-driven techniques to help hoteliers develop brand awareness, boost revenue and reduce their OTA commissions.

Judge Martin Cowen, contributing editor at Tnooz stated that “Swayy’s algorithm that identifies“fake followers” is a great innovation and one that has massive potential in travel and beyond.”

In 2018, it is absolutely paramount that hoteliers invest further in up and coming direct-booking technologies in order to retain competitive advantage and regain control over their revenue and profitability. In addition, today’s guests are looking to social media and their chosen brand-ambassadors for an enhanced and customised online experience where they can engage on a  personal level with a hotel brand. 

Following the very recent #BloggerGate fiasco and the subsequent polarity this generated regarding the now notorious influencer Elle Darby who was shunned away from a Dublin hotel, it is hardly surprising that a number of hoteliers have greeted the influencer marketing industry with scepticism. In this light, there has never been a more critical time to address the concerns expressed by hotel owners and travel companies alike, in order to filter an industry where a plethora of unsubstantiated influencers abound, an industry long in need of policing, professionalism and data-driven oversight. 

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