Ovation Global DMC Switzerland honoured with SITE Crystal Award

Ovation Global DMC - Switzerland was recognised by Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) with a Crystal Award for Excellence in Incentive Travel: Europe at the Crystal Awards Recognition Ceremony held during SITE Global Conference 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Considered the highest honour in the incentive travel industry, SITE Crystal Awards recognizes creative, practical, and truly memorable incentive programs that keep employees engaged, drive business results and improve a business' bottom line.

Michelin USA, approached Ovation with the challenge of organising and delivering an exclusive driving experience incentive programme to reward Michelin’s top distributors and high-end clients for their loyalty and increased sales. The incentive was designed to connect the two sides of the business, allowing guests to experience Michelin tires and starred cuisine. 

Michelin is rated the top-end tire manufacture in the world; directly linked to the Michelin Guide to fine dining, a series of guidebooks the company has published.

Keeping in line with Michelin’s expectations for elegance and delivery of high-class experiences, Ovation managed to successfully assemble a collection of the world’s best cars for the ultimate driving experience, included Switzerland’s top-rated hotels and restaurants for fine dining and mapped out a picturesque route along the country’s finest scenery, following highlights of the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

Over a six-week period, five waves of approximately 20 guests were immersed in the finest treatment and most exceptional experience in line with Michelin’s goals.

Rutger Hoorn, Vice-President of Global Sales at Ovation said: “With such a high-value client and with so much exposure, creating a program that goes beyond imagination was inspiring and genuinely challenging. Michelin’s brand of product and high-end gastronomy gave us the opportunity to deliver an experience that showcased Switzerland at its finest. The on-road incentive required careful planning with so much responsibility, combined with unrivalled Swiss hospitality.”

In addition, Renato Grieco, Director of Business Development at Ovation Switzerland comments: “Logistics throughout the 5 waves were complex and very specific. Pre-operation processes were long and required a good mix of deep destination knowledge and diplomacy, in order to have all partners aligned and fully aware of the expectations of this important event, but the results were amazing”.

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