Jumeirah Beach Hotel retains Green Globe award

Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Jumeirah Beach Hotel has retained its Green Globe Certification (GGC) for a second year following a recent sustainability audit conducted by Green Globe’s Middle East Preferred Partner, FARNEK.
Retaining the award highlights the continued efforts made by colleagues at Jumeirah Beach Hotel who have helped to implement energy-saving measures throughout the property.

The hotel’s green policies have been developed in-line with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. These policies were certified by Green Globe as an outstanding contribution to the hotel’s sustainability management plan and the environmentally friendly practices current in use. These include the use of grey water from Dubai Municipality for irrigation and other sustainability efforts.

Using grey water helps conserve water supplies efficiently, responsibly and intelligently. This change has helped Jumeirah work towards addressing environmental issues and lower operational costs. Other changes include room management systems for all 126 renovated rooms, which help monitor, manage and control the energy consumed within the rooms.

Mahmoud Sakr, General Manager of Jumeirah Beach Hotel, said: “We are very proud to have received this prestigious certification once again which is the result of our commitment and dedication towards refining our economic, social and environmental sustainability. Jumeirah Beach Hotel shall constantly reinforce our pledge to continuously focus on ethical and ecologically friendly practices across all departments.”

During the certification audit, Jumeirah Beach Hotel achieved a compliance score of 85% against the Green Globe Standard for Sustainable Travel and Tourism, this was an increase of 8%, from 77% in 2013.

Sandrine Le Biavant, Director Consultancy, for Green Globe’s Middle East Preferred Partner, FARNEK, said, “We recognize Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s continuous efforts to invest in water saving and new energy efficient technologies and to provide new services to customers to consume responsibly, such as paperless check-in and check-out. During our audit we also noted the hotel’s commitment to environmental training for all employees as well as their active support for the local community.”

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