GCB’s Matthias Schultze recipient of the 2018 JMIC Profile and Power Award

The Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC) today announced the winner of the 2018 JMIC Profile and Power Award as Matthias Schultze, Managing Director of the German Convention Bureau (GCB). The award was made in recognition of his leadership role as a generator and distributor of effective, co-operatively generated research on the future of our industry including measurements that will effectively document and demonstrate industry accomplishments over a wide range of areas.

“We all know Matthias as a special leader who has strengthened the structure and role of the GCB to promote Germany as a leading sustainable global destination that is serving as a model for others”. said JMIC President Kai Hattendorf. “In the course of doing this he has also spearheaded and shared important industry research – backing up the important role the business events industry has when it comes to developing communities around destinations, and our industry’s wider role as such.

His additional role as Co-founder and Co-chair of the strategic alliance of the National Convention Bureaux of Europe will provide a platform to make this work even more effective, as will his active presence in a number of industry organizations and advisory boards in higher education”.   

The JMIC Power and Profile Award was established by the Council as a way of recognizing individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to advancing the awareness and influence of the Meetings Industry in their respective communities. The winner is selected each year based on criteria which evaluate the efforts of an individual or organization in increasing industry profile and bringing about structural or policy changes that reflect that better appreciation. 

The Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC) is an organization that represents the combined interests of 15 international Meetings Industry associations. It has provided a forum for information exchange and recognition amongst industry groups for well over 50 years and has recently become more engaged in the process of documenting and communicating the diverse values of the industry to broader community and governmental audiences.

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