European Hotel Manager Association honours Hans Wiedemann with a Lifetime Achievement Award

Hans Wiedemann has been recognised for his contribution to hospitality by the European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA) as they honoured him with a Lifetime Achievement Award last week. Managing Director & Delegate of the Board at Badrutt’s Palace, Hans Wiedemann was presented the award by President Hans E. Koch during the EHMA annual General Meeting in Amsterdam which ran from 17th -19th March.

Committed to celebrating the professional development of its members, the EHMA commended Mr Wiedemann for his career in hospitality and pioneering achievements.  

Since taking coming on board in 2004, Hans Wiedemann has been at the helm of the Grande Dame of St. Moritz, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, which has posted double-digit growth figures and a turnover growth of 100% in the past decade. Wiedemann has also overseen a revered staff-training programme for the 550 employees, which has further enhanced the exceptionally high standards of service for which Badrutt’s Palace is renowned.  

One of the leading hotel managers in Switzerland, Wiedemann has a wealth of experience working in top positions at leading hotels from around the world. A graduate of the world-famous École Hôteliére de Lausanne, where Wiedemann remains a member of the school’s International Advisory Board, he went on to successfully manage an establishment of 600 rooms in China, before spending 13 years managing five top hotels and approximately 2,000 employees in Australia. During this time, Wiedemann was awarded with the National Award of “Excellence in Service”.  

In 1994, Nestlé and Swissair, owners of the traditional Montreux Palace, brought Hans Wiedemann back to Switzerland as Director of this first-class hotel. In 2004 Hansjürg Badrutt, owner of the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, appointed him as Managing Director. As well as his successful management of the hotel, Hans Wiedemann is also a pioneer in the field of sustainability. Since 2006, 80% of the Palace’s heating in winter has been provided by energy extracted from the water of Lake St. Moritz.  

Today, Hans Wiedemann is renowned for his inexhaustible élan and optimism and is held in high regard for his achievements in the hotel industry.

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