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Grand Hyatt Dubai General Manager wins prestigious Hyatt Award

General Manager, John W. Beveridge and staff with 2014 Jay A. Pritzker Award for Leadership
Grand Hyatt Dubai has announced that its General Manager, John W. Beveridge, has been awarded the 2014 Jay A. Pritzker Award for Leadership. This prestigious award recognises individuals working for the Hyatt group who have consistently demonstrated their ability as leaders, coaches and mentors.  Recipients of this award are high achievers leading top performing hotels, and are viewed as role models of Hyatt’s values, including driving innovation and creativity while maintaining mutual respect, intellectual honesty and integrity.

Hyatt recognises one leader annually in each region, based on their achievement over time in the areas of associate, customer and owner preference, as well as recognizing their individual qualities and attributes as leaders. John W. Beveridge has been given this distinction for Europe, Africa and Middle East (EAME) and Southwest Asia (SWA) regions. He not only leads one of the best-performing hotels in the region but is also the Area Director for Hyatt Hotels in Dubai, overseeing Park Hyatt Dubai, Hyatt Regency Dubai and Hyatt Place as part of his portfolio.  

A UK national from Scotland, John W. Beveridge is a Hyatt veteran, starting his career with the group in 1982 at Hyatt Regency Dubai. In a career spanning 32 years with Hyatt, he has held assignments in Riyadh, Brunei, Pusan and Singapore. While in Brunei, his services were recognised by His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei who bestowed the title of Darjah Paduka S.L.J. He also holds the Malay title Dato, conferred by the Sultan of Pahang, Malaysia. In 2008, he came full circle with an appointment back at Hyatt Regency Dubai prior to his most recent role at Grand Hyatt Dubai.  

On receipt of the award he commented, “I am honoured and humbled to receive this award named after the founding father of Hyatt.  I have had the privilege to work with many great people at all levels within the company and our industry and I would not be where I am today without their support and guidance. I am also indebted to wasl, the owning company of Grand Hyatt Dubai, for their support which enables the hotel Team and myself to operate this magnificent hotel at the standard we do.”

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