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Air cargo industry mobilises for Philippines relief operation

Philippines relief operation
Leading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, has already arranged a number of cargo charters carrying essential aid to the typhoon-ravaged Philippines and expects one of the largest relief operations in recent years.
Typhoon Haiyan, which swept through six central Philippine islands last Friday, has claimed more than 2,500 victims in the city of Tacloban alone and left many hundreds of thousands more homeless and requiring urgent aid including water purification equipment, food and shelter.

ACS’s Group Cargo Director, Justin Lancaster, commented: “We have been working continuously over the weekend, and since, developing situation reports for the region: checking airport details and aircraft availabilities, so that we can advise relief agencies as soon as they call us. We have already booked more than 1,000 tonnes of cargo to be flown out, on aircraft including AN-12s, B727s, B777s and B747s. We are expecting to confirm many more charters in the coming days.

“Cebu Airport is the main hub currently and we have ACS staff on the scene at the airport to help coordinate things on the ground over there and to make sure that the aircraft are offloaded efficiently so the agencies get their relief to those in need as soon as possible.”

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