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bmi regional comments on recent APD abolition in Ireland

bmi regional, the UK’s most punctual scheduled airline, comments on the recent news that Ireland will abolish Air Passenger Duty (APD).
bmi regional Chief Commercial Officer Steve Hoy said: "This recent tax break highlights that the Irish constituency has recognised the negative impact that the duty has on core industry, tourism and airlines. We’re disappointed that UK air travel continues to be subjected to such a considerable levy and urge the UK government to follow suit.”

The Ireland Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar believes the cuts will ‘support existing jobs and invest in further job creation.’ Hoy responds: “There is no doubt that air travel is an essential part of doing business within the UK and overseas and for some regions within the UK, air links represent the only efficient means of travel. APD therefore is a further tax on doing business."

He concluded: "The anomaly whereby customers on a domestic round trip pay the tax twice is ironic in that it penalises those doing business or travelling between two regions of the UK. We would like to see the government reassess the current system of taxation."

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