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ANA researches into the perfect flight  

The perfect flight would give passengers an upgrade on arrival, have David Walliams as chief of cabin crew and be piloted by Prince William, a study has found.
ANA, Japan’s largest airline polled 2,000 British adults and found take-off would be at 10:45am and Jamie Oliver would cook them a designer chicken dinner.
Champagne would be the complimentary drink of choice, served 27 minutes after departure.

When in-flight entertainment started, passengers would prefer to watch the James Bond favourite, Skyfall.

Mr Yutaka Ito, SVP of Europe at ANA who commissioned the study commented, “We agree that the holiday should start as soon you arrive at the airport, and as a five star airline, ANA is committed to give passengers luxury service and experience throughout their journey.” 

“The choice to have national treasures, David Walliams and Jamie Oliver on board would also provide a really fun atmosphere, and is a great way to kick start the trip.”

On the perfect long haul flight, British flyers would like six members of cabin crew and be served their in-flight meal 48 minutes after departure.

Passengers would like to live nine miles from their departure airport and would like to be able to board their perfect flight 32 minutes after check-in.

Seats would be in rows of two and only 66 people would be able to board the aircraft.

Travellers want seven kilograms of hand luggage and would rather be able to keep it with them instead of stowing away in the over-head compartments.

Being able to have a nap is important to people boarding the perfect flight and they should be able to do so for 31 minutes.

Children would be allowed on the aircraft, but only if they were quiet.

Passengers of the perfect flight would like to experience the culture of their destination at check-in as many agree their holiday starts when they arrive at the airport.

A window seat in the middle of the aircraft has been voted the perfect place to sit on the perfect flight.

The study also found that flying with an environmentally friendly airline is important.

Mr Yutaka Ito added, “As Japan’s largest airline, ANA is passionate about giving passengers exceptional customer experience, inspired by traditional Japanese hospitality – Omotenashi.” 

“In March this year, ANA was recognised for their customer service offering, and was awarded the prestigious SKYTRAX five star rating, held by just six other airlines in the world.”

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