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Air Partner announces global contingency plan for cruise lines

In the past year alone, Air Partner has successfully evacuated over 2,500 passengers from cruise ships around the world. Due to recent events, Air Partner’s Commercial Jets Department has now developed an unprecedented global contingency plan that ensures cruise passengers get home quickly and comfortably, in the event of an incident.

Worldwide, the cruise industry launches roughly 10,000 annual voyages and is capable of supporting nearly half a million passengers, at any given time. Despite this, the likelihood of a major cruise incident is extremely low, but Air Partner is still urging the cruise industry to have advanced plans in place for their 20 million annual passengers, prior to embarking.  

Graham Davey, Manager of Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Department, said: “By their very nature, incidents like these never seem to happen during standard working hours. In having a contingency plan in place, cruise lines are prepared for every eventuality if something does go wrong. Preparation makes a huge amount of difference when you are evacuating thousands of people with only a moment’s notice.”  

By expertly routing and deploying specially chartered aircraft, Air Partner has returned passengers to their destination point within 36 hours of cruise incidents – a remarkable response time.  

“The cruise lines with whom we are working at the moment feel a strong duty of client care. For them, passengers are their top priority and as such, we have developed this plan to provide their guests with the best possible service and peace of mind.”  

“Air Partner’s careful preparation and strong global client and supplier relationships mean that our contingency planning service is very highly regarded within the industry. We are extremely proud of our reputation, and the team work hard to build the right relationships with the right operators and ensure that we are continually providing our clients with a top quality service,” Graham commented.

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