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Domodedovo Airport and SITA first in Russia to offer AirportHub Wireless service to airlines

Moscow Domodedovo Airport and SITA, the specialist in air transport communications and information technology (IT), have completed the implementation of AirportHub Wireless.
Domodedovo is the first Russian airport to offer airlines wireless connectivity to SITA’s global information network.

Today SITA provides technology data exchange to aviation industry members all over the world. For a few years Moscow Domodedovo Airport had been providing airlines with access to this network by wire interfaces. With the launch of AirportHub Wireless, the airlines can now exchange data over wi-fi. To send data to the aircraft, airlines no longer have to use a physical connection–and air crew can receive necessary data about weather, passenger numbers and their food preferences, navigation maps, etc. on any gadget with wi-fi access, such as tablets and other mobile devices.

This new service significantly simplifies the process and reduces the airlines’ telecommunications costs.  Domodedovo Airport Director Igor Borisov commented on the new system launch: “The AirportHub Wireless deployment is great news for our airline partners. Many of them already use this service at other international airports, now it is available in Domodedovo too.” 

This project is a perfect example of a win-win, with all parties collaborating for success. The airport provides its airline partners with advances services, the airlines deploy cost-effective technologies, and the solution provider increases the base of clients-users of innovation services in Russia.

As part of the preparation to launch AirportHub Wireless, SITA updated its network equipment to support mission-critical service in Domodedovo, with the airport providing necessary technological support. In June, AirportHub Wireless testing was completed and now Domodedovo Airport’s airline partners are switching to wireless access.

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