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Air Partner targets corporate travel with new private jet card

Air Partner, the largest listed air charter broker with a Royal Warrant from HM Queen Elizabeth II, has launched “The Performance Card”, specifically targeted at the business travel market. 

Air Partner’s Performance Card is designed to deliver the same excellent JetCard service that the Group is known for, but with enhanced value for users flying day-return flights from a regular base airport. The Performance Card can save executives time and money through transparent fixed pricing and guaranteed availability when pre-purchasing flight time for travel from a client’s base airport, and flying out and back on the same day.

Simon Wheatley, Air Partner’s UK Manager for Private Jets, says: “We have launched the Performance Card in line with a growth in the private aviation market amongst business users. When flying privately, an organisation’s best people can be delivered quickly and seamlessly to exactly where they need to be - not before, not after - and kept there only as long as they need to be there. In short, they can plan their day around their work instead of planning their work around the routes and schedules of the airlines. The Performance Card is a unique offering, catering for a specific niche market that will grow in parallel with a strengthening economic recovery. Nothing else in the market offers Air Partner’s unique combination of benefits and value to the day return flyer. This is increasingly relevant in a business world where value and transparency have never been more important.”  

The new Performance Card builds on Air Partner’s reputation for providing high end private corporate aviation solutions to clients flying multi destination business trips. Air Partner is stepping up its private jet activity with notable success.  The Group’s JetCard has taken considerable private jet business recently; 30% of new JetCard members have transferred from rival fractional schemes.  Air Partner’s JetCard programme is at record levels, and the company sold its first $1m JetCard earlier this year.  For the 12 months to 31 July 2012, Air Partner’s Private Jet revenues increased by 8% to £44.0million. In a market that saw European business jet flights decline by 1.7% (EBAA), Air Partner sold 35 new JetCards, with existing client renewal rates increasing by 9%.  

Flying privately is a more efficient way of travelling and can save considerable amounts of time when compared to scheduled services. If relying on commercial airlines, the timing of meetings is reliant on flight schedules and sometimes meetings have to take place in the airport or nearby due to time constraints. In the increasingly competitive world of business, it can often make business sense to choose the flexibility and control that private aviation allows.  

Air Partner’s global network enables businesses to move key personnel where they need to be quickly and comfortably, while they continue working onboard, quietly and confidentially.  Commercial flights can prove costly, especially in terms of opportunity cost, flight delays and cancellations, overcrowded terminals and lost luggage - everything you don’t need when trying to be where you need to be.  

Mark Briffa, CEO of Air Partner, says: “The growth in our JetCard sales reflects clients’ recognition of the product’s flexibility and transparency when compared to rival schemes. We firmly believe that Air Partner’s JetCard offering, across both the JetCard and the new Performance Card, is one of the most flexible and user friendly private aviation programmes available in the market today. JetCard’s membership is at record levels, and we are excited about its growth potential.”

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