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Record weekend for London Oxford Airport during Silverstone British Grand Prix

London Oxford Airport
London Oxford Airport saw one of its busiest weekends so far this year as glorious sunshine ushered in the F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.  The airport welcomed  well over 300 movements, including 50 business jet flights on the Sunday, its highest peak so far this year.  During the weekend it sold nearly 100,000 litres of fuel.  The majority of movements this year were larger cabin sized jets too - Challengers, Gulfstreams and Global Express aircraft.

Some 20 chartered helicopters were busy making the eight minute dash back and forth to the track.    Sister airport, The Barclays London Heliport was busy too with F1 movements, especially on the Sunday when it accepted 50 rotations.  It also accepted several extra movements for the Glastonbury Festival.

Every year, as it makes way for the important Grand Prix weekend, London Oxford Airport clears its main apron of all its usual resident aircraft, including the Oxford Aviation Academy pilot training fleet, to make way for up to 40 jets and numerous ‘rotors-running’ helicopter shuttles, in a carefully coordinated ballet of air traffic.   The airport is situated at the very heart of what is a huge high tech industry for the UK as the nearest airport to the Silverstone race track.  Teams, drivers, sponsors and those in the corporate hospitality industry use the airport as their primary hub and there was a party atmosphere in the frantic Oxfordjet executive VIP terminal even though Great Britain was robbed of a podium win following Lewis Hamilton’s dramatic tyre-burst. 

“Throughout the Grand Prix season, our airport remains a key hub for those local teams to get teams and the drivers around the world in what in one of the most travel-intense and time-critical industries there is,” said London Oxford Airport Business Development Director James Dillon Godfray.  “Our airport remains the core hub for the motorsport industry which has always relied upon private, business aviation to achieve the near-impossible travel demands it generates.”

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