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GainJet's Challengers reflecting market trends

GainJet Aviation S.A’s recently acquired Challenger 604s, which joined the fleet in March 2013, are already demonstrating the continued value of long range super-mid size executive jets for the business aviation market. The Athens-based VIP Charter Operator notes that both CL604s have already been used for several long range transatlantic and intercontinental flights in its first month of service. 

This activity re-enforces the ongoing buoyancy in the sector driven by a customer base that needs to travel directly between intercontinental destinations on a regular basis.   The aircraft, which were completely refurbished to ensure maximum comfort for passengers feature six club seats and a four person couch and onboard state-of-the-art entertainment system, can comfortably accommodate 10 passengers in their spacious cabins and are ideal for Paris – New York, Dubai-London, Kuwait – Paris and many other popular long range flights. The CL604s also have a strong track record in Medevac operations with the ability to accommodate two stretchered passengers on long ranges such as from the UAE to London direct. GainJet’s aircraft have been fitted out with complete Medevac kits enabling them to operate in a dual role of passenger and emergency medical situations and are on permanent standby for this role  

GainJet’s President Captain Ramsey Shaban states: “We selected the CL-604s with particular missions in mind as we saw trends for long range aircraft with lower number passengers in addition to wanting to be able to provide Medevac services. For our passengers the spacious cabins,  and long range (8.5 hours/4000 nm) make them a valuable addition to the GainJet portfolio. We are noticing that we are receiving increased demand for long range charters between the Middle East, Europe and Africa which reflects the expansion of business activity in these areas. An increasing array of destinations between the Middle East and Africa are appearing a lot more frequently on our trip planning board.”  

To best serve GainJet’s three main markets one of the 604s is based in Athens at a central point between Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  The other CL-604 is now based in Kuwait to better serve the Middle-Eastern market. Shaban explains: “The 604s are popular aircraft in all three of these markets, so we’ve chosen Athens as a central home base location for one of the aircraft. This gives us good access to most major cities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It also supports the other 604 in Kuwait by providing greater flexibility in that region”.  

In 2012, GainJet acquired a Gulfstream G550 and a second VIP Boeing 737-300, while also upgrading its flagship aircraft, the VIP Boeing 757, to add on a stateroom & en-suite and WIFI broadband network.  The company also acquired a Boeing 737-400 in November 2012, which is currently being completely refurbished into VIP standards and is expected to be in service by June 2013.  GainJet’s mission to expand its long range fleet continues into 2013 when it will add a Gulfstream 650 later in 2013.

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