Hospitality Professionals Association launches #SleepOverToHelpTurnover as it looks to maintain support for industry’s recovery

With additional coronavirus rules coming into force, and the industry facing a drop off in trade as we move into autumn and winter, HOSPA, the Hospitality Professionals Association, is launching #SleepOverToHelpTurnover as it bids to help maintain the momentum of the industry’s recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw hotels and other hospitality businesses amongst the first to close, and the longest to stay shut; conditions which have had, and continue to have, a profound impact on the sector.  

Despite the influx of trade following the #EatOutToHelpOut scheme, with a second wave of coronavirus seemingly imminent and with further preventative measures heavily affecting revenues, the hospitality industry, having displayed signs of recovery, is very much on the brink.  

HOSPA then, supported by its members and partners, is looking to help revive the momentum of the recovery process through the launch of #SleepOverToHelpTurnover to help hospitality businesses transition from the peak period of summer and through the autumn and winter months.  

Jane Pendlebury, CEO of HOSPA, said: “The latest preventative measures are set to squeeze an industry which is already at breaking point. Hospitality businesses simply have no room for any further loss of income and are in desperate need of help. Curtailments on revenue, no matter how seemingly small, have serious knock on effects – from job losses to whole businesses having to close.”  

She added: “Just this week we’ve seen Whitbread warn of 6,000 job losses. This serves to underline how perilous the current situation is for the industry. The latest restrictions, with restaurants and bars having to close by 10pm, the rule of 6 and further reductions on wedding guest numbers, all add to the strain and leave many at risk of tipping over the edge.”  

Jane continued: “To try and counteract this, we’re looking to provide a boost to hotels’ recovery through #SleepOverToHelpTurnover, which has a primary aim of encouraging the public to enjoy overnight stays.”  

Jane elaborated further: “We are keen to shout about the measures that hospitality businesses have put in place to make themselves COVID secure. We want to make people aware that, by enjoying a hotel stay and eating in the restaurant, guests will be providing a huge boost to hotels and the UK economy. Given more and more of us are working from home, a change in environment (as well as the opportunity to use up remaining holiday!) is ever more important.”  

She added: “We see this as a two-way initiative and are encouraging our members and others to incentivise potential guests by offering appreciative extras, such as an inclusive breakfast, complimentary bottles of wine, free WiFi upgrades, car parking, half price cocktails and more to reward those who engage with the #SleepOverToHelpTurnover scheme.”  

Set to launch on the 1st October, a number of industry operators have expressed their backing for the scheme, including Tregenna Castle Resort in St Ives, Cornwall. James Parker, Operations Director of Tregenna Castle, said of the initiative: “The #SleepOverToHelpTurnover initiative is a great idea, which should hopefully help to maintain and extend the much needed support for the hospitality industry. Being located in Cornwall, we’ve been fortunate in seeing high demand since reopening, as people look to secure some form of summer holiday. However, as the seasons change and we move into autumn, this interest is likely to fall away. Encouraging continued support for hotels then will prove essential as we continue to try and make up on the lost ground of lockdown, while also counteracting the impact of the latest measures.”  

Richard Harrison, Managing Director of Coombe Abbey Park Limited which operates Coombe Abbey Hotel, said: “The past few months have been a difficult time for all sectors, but the tourism and entertainment industry has been particularly hard hit.  

“We need to make sure that people are encouraged to return to visit and stay at hotels over the coming months and that Coombe Abbey Hotel is still a staycation destination, even as we approach autumn and winter.  

“The #SleepOverToHelpTurnover campaign is a fantastic way of letting everyone know that hotels are safe, secure and open for business.”  

Other key backers include Profitroom, a leading SaaS supplier to the hospitality industry that focuses on enhancing hotel revenues and is one of HOSPA’s industry partners. Commenting on the scheme, Samantha Williams, UK Market Owner at Profitroom, said: “In recent weeks we’ve seen extremely encouraging signs of recovery across the industry, especially in coastal resorts and popular tourist destinations such as the Lake District. This has been boosted further by the #EatOutToHelpOut scheme. However, this was focused on eateries – but now we’re hoping to generate a boost for hoteliers too. Many hotels, especially those in city centres, are really struggling – with the latest rules adding further burdens. By supporting #SleepOverToHelpTurnover, members of the public will help hotels carry on as they move into a traditionally quieter period, further aiding them in their recovery and providing a vital boost to the economy.”

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