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drpgroup reports best ever year to team at Austrian Conference  

The drpgroup enjoyed its most successful year to date in 2013, exceeding all financial targets as well as growing the business across the board. The group reported £16 million in turnover with a net profit of £1.8 million. 203’s Turnover figure outstripped the 2012 result by £6 million making 2103 comfortably the most successful in the group’s history. The results were announced at the group’s annual Christmas conference which this year was held in Salzburg, Austria.

Throughout the year the drpgroup underwent a number of significant developments to improve performance and deliver the outstanding results achieved. The company opened its purpose built studio production complex in the midlands midway through the year and too on 35 new team members in 2013. The company delivered a number of large-scale events throughout the year, growing new relationships with ENRC and JCB and delivering multi-lingual UK and international based events. The video team continued to deliver new augmented reality projects and regular communications as the digital team developed more mobile, responsive and app based solutions than ever before. The group transformed its summer conference programme to 15 days of training, using the new events facilities at its 212 studios headquarters to run multiple practical and theoretical training sessions to keep the team at the forefront of industry technology, regulations and knowledge.

The group announced these exceptional results to the entire team at the Crowne Plaza Salzburg, the Pitter, As a reward for the dedication and hard work throughout the year which provided the results, the group chartered a flight to Austria before embarking on a programme of activities at the Flachau resort which included off-road Segway driving, quad biking and alpine roller coaster. The main conference was run at the Crowne Plaza and recapped a highly successful year, ahead the fantastic group results and the prepared the team with strategies for the coming year. The conference was followed by the annual drpgroup Brilliance awards which reward and recognise exceptional performance from the past year. The categories include a department team member of the year award for each drpdivision, business improvement award, Communication award and an individual award for team members who have embodied the group’s values of Trust, Understanding< Passion, Belief & Effectiveness. The top award is handed out for the individual team member of the year who won a trip for two to Vancouver.

Dale Parmenter Group MD commented on the conference and exceptional results, “This year we’ve seen a lot of confidence return to the communications industry and all of our divisions have been incredibly busy. The team’s hard work throughout the year has ensured we’ve delivered not only great results for the drpgroup, but for our client’s as well. It’s always been an ambition of mine to take the whole business away over Christmas for our conference and this year, being the best in our history, felt like the perfect time to do it. 2014 won’t be without its challenges but with the team growing as it has done, our training and development programme continuing and some more exciting developments in the coming weeks I think we’ll be well placed to deliver a great 2014 for our team and our clients.”

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