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GTMC responds to Davies Commission interim report

The GTMC, the most influential travel management business community in the UK, has lobbied government for some years on the urgent need for additional air capacity in the South East.  The organisation has responded to the publication of the Davies Commission interim report; chief executive Paul Wait said:

“The reality of a lack of capacity is already being felt by the business traveller. There are a host of destinations that those travelling to “do the deals” that will underpin economic growth cannot access directly, or frequently enough and we need an immediate increase in capacity at Heathrow to enable this. Our recent survey of more than a thousand frequent international business travellers in the South East showed that 25% already have to fly via a rival hub to reach the destinations they wish to do business in.

“Rejecting mixed mode and the additional movements that would enable leaves us with a self-imposed barrier to those seeking to do business abroad and will have implications for the range of destinations we can access direct from the UK. We do, however, support the proposed increase in landings in the 5.00 - 5.59 window and the recommendations for improved surface transport connections.

“Having a world leading hub airport is critical for the UK’s role as a global business centre. While we support the options set out by the Commission today we are united with other business representatives in regretting that we will still have to wait another 18 months before the final report is received and then an unknown amount of time before the Government of the day allows the favoured project to proceed. Meanwhile our business travellers continue to have to travel via rival hubs in Europe or the Middle East to get to destinations – particularly those in emerging markets in Asia and South America.

"We will continue to feed the business travel perspective into the Commission’s investigations and press all political parties to move swiftly on receiving the final report to implementing the recommended proposal.”

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