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drpgroup support End of the Line #urbanblast event with pyrotechnic finale

drpgroup pyrotechnic finale
The drpgroup’s pyrotechnics team, Corporate Media Displays (CMD) have delivered a rooftop fireworks display to support mural painting and cotemporary big wall painter collective  End of the Line. The show served as the finale to the End of the Line #urbanblast Christmas party which saw around 100 clients and friends of both companies attend the event hosted in Shoreditch venue Rockwell House, End of the Line’s headquarters, on the 27th of November.

The drpteam supported the event through the delivery of a four minute long pyrotechnic display which closed the evening’s festivities. The display was fired from an adjacent rooftop in Shoreditch with the city of London providing the perfect backdrop. Over 180 fireworks were launched during the display, reaching a maximum height of 150 metres.

End of the line engaged a number of their friends to support the event including ethical caterers Young and Wild as well as Big Apple Hotdogs. Onion Audio provided the sound with two-time UK Champion Beatboxer Reeps One and Loverproof providing entertainment. The Event also saw End of the Line creative director Jim Vision and fellow artist Zadock paint live murals at the event to demonstrate their impressive skills to the audience. Rockwell house facilities were also open to guests with their studio transformed by a bespoke mural for guests to photograph themselves against.

Simon Smith, operations director at CMD commented, “This was a tricky show to plan due to the location. With any rooftop display you’ve got a number of factors to consider. Especially how close you are to other buildings and roads.

We spent a lot of time consulting with the fire marshal’s office and the local council to ensure we delivered the best quality show possible for the surroundings. In the end we used a mixture of 65mm aerial shells, single shot comets, 50mm mines and candles fire from five firing points to create 176 different effects. I was thrilled with the show and the feedback has been great from End of the Line, their clients and our guests on the day.”

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