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Eventia responds to BIS call for evidence on package travel proposals

Eventia has produced a formal response to the call for evidence issued by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) on proposed new directive on package travel arrangements.  Using a recent free seminar session as a platform for debate and deliberation, over 60 delegates from across the events industry helped develop answers to the relevant questions posed in the call for evidence. 

Brian Kirsch, who heads up the Eventia Regulation Committee, was pleased that the novel approach he and his team had devised elicited such a focused response.  "We really wanted to create the opportunity for both our members and colleagues from across the industry to share their views and concerns in open forum and then distil those into a formal response to feed back to BIS.  From that point of view this really is an attempt to create an evidence-based response using the expertise and informed opinion of people that run businesses that are affected by these regulations."

In summary the evidence submitted by Eventia sets out some of the key factors that differentiate business events from tourism and consumer travel.  Highlighting the nature of the B2B events market enabled the response to directly address some key problems that both agencies and clients could encounter in the future.  "As with much regulation and policy matters, the devil is in the detail", Kirsch added.  "For example companies entering a framework agreement and taking on risk might discover that this may in fact invalidate their agency status and cause adverse taxation consequences for them."

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