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Pete Brown to show how we drink with our ears at Brewer's Hall

Leading events company ITA* partners with legendary beer writer to host living experiment proving how our taste buds are influenced by the music we hear

We are told that we ‘eat with our eyes’, but understandably never ask if Brahms is best for bitter or stout suited to The Stones? Remarkably award winning beer writer Pete Brown will prove how different styles of music affect our taste buds in a unique living experiment where guests will discover whether or not IPA is best enjoyed with late seventies New wave or classical music; and show how the taste of Worthington White Shield is affected variously by Debussy and Elbow. It is the result of several years’ of research by award-winning beer writer Pete Brown and brings together cutting edge research into how our music influences what we taste as we listen.

Pete Brown specialises in making people thirsty; is the author of five-and-a-half books as well as the annual Cask Report; and numerous articles in the drinks trade and consumer press. He appears regularly on TV and radio, and is a judge on the BBC Food and Farming Awards and the Great Taste Awards. He is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, and was named Beer Writer of the Year in 2009 and 2012. He is now sharing his latest research - a fusion of synaesthesia; taste bud analysis and published academic aural research – in fun, interactive and revealing session.

Brewers’ Hall from 6pm on 21st November is the venue for this event - which is the first of several that will run and is invitation-only for the inaugural gathering - and events company ITA* has also recruited accredited Beer Sommelier Steve Livens from the British Beer and Pub Association to help with the beer tasting.

“It may sound like science fiction, but believe me, it’s science fact,” said Pete Brown. “You really can influence the taste of the beer in your mouth by changing the music in your ears. As beer has undergone a revolution in recent years and carries myriad subtleties of flavour, it’s a perfect medium to prove my point. Although it is a precise science, I get to choose the music, so you have to accept my apologies in advance! It is certainly an eclectic mix.”

ITA* Sales Director, Kate McIntosh said: “ITA* delights in springing surprises, and this is certainly a big one. Although the first session is invitation-only there will be other opportunities for groups to take part in this living experiment next year. Just give me a call.”

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