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Full house for ABPCO’s Chairman’s Lunch which will define the role of a PCO

A full house is expected for the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO) annual Chairman’s Lunch when it takes place later this month.
Leading PCOs and partners from high profile members including TFI Meeting Point, Banks Sadler, MCI UK, International Centre for Research in Events, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, The Meetings Show, Conference Centres of Excellence and etc. venues will attend the Round Table event to share their thoughts and ideas on what makes a professional conference organiser (PCO). 

The Chairman’s Lunch takes place at etc.venues, St Paul’s, London, on November 27, 2013.

ABPCO Chairman and MCI UK Managing Director Jennifer Jenkins comments: “The Chairman’s Lunch gives our members the opportunity to come together and share experiences and more importantly, to formulate a collective view of the common challenges that lie ahead.”

“The topic of defining the new professional conference organiser is very timely. As we continue the debate about professionalising our industry around a set of common standards, we want to know whether our profile and the skills required are shifting. And if so, how can ABPCO support this new and diverse group of practitioners. I’m looking forward to hearing our members’ views on this subject so we can take the necessary steps to help support meeting industry professionals in the future.”

ABPCO’s Round Table events are increasing in popularity, bringing members together for an open conversation about industry issues with their peers, and to share examples of best practice.

Jennifer adds: “The Chairman’s Lunch will bring together a cross section of our membership for an open forum. As an industry association we are committed to holding regular forums for our members. They are an integral part of helping ABPCO formulate plans which benefit our members and the industry as a whole.”

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