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Joint Eventia + IVCA ROI session delivers results  

Last Friday saw over 60 people join Dr Elling Hamso for an Eventia+IVCA education session which explored the basic principles of using ROI methodology - the first such joint session for the two associations that are in the process of merging their operations. 

In a highly interactive 2.5 hour session, delegates found themselves working on challenges around identifying meaningful objectives and mapping them against the various elements that make up the ROI model used by the Event ROI Institute.

Elling Hamso shared the fact that the levels of interest in achieving meaningful ROI have never been stronger since he established the Institute back in 2004. This view was supported by many of those attending, with the impact of the recession and increased procurement oversight being cited as some of the factors fuelling interest.  One of the other important drivers for the renewed interest in establishing meaningful ROI evaluation is the competition that live events and meetings face from other channels in a more integrated communications world.  The data and analytics produced by digital channels often provide much more management information than traditional post event surveys. 

Dale Parmenter, Eventia Chairman, commented “In many ways the drive for more integrated communication solutions is what has brought Eventia and the IVCA together, as we recognise the changing landscape of the communications world that we all operate in.  Focussing on key business issues such as ROI for our membership will be one of the hallmarks of the new association moving forward.  We need to ensure that our clients understand the benefits of developing measurable objectives with us that allow them to value the investment they make in communications – be it live, digital, via social media or for internal communication programmes.”

Feedback from the delegates was very positive, with one particular result providing a great testament to the value of the session.  When asked how they felt about the statement 'Professional and credible measurement of event results is easy' only 36% of the respondents agreed before they completed the session.  That figure moved to 94% after the workshop.  Elling Hamso reflected on this and the other very positive results achieved, “This kind of change in understanding, as well as the other commitments to take action made in our post event survey, demonstrates how people really value the chance to improve their understanding of the issues around developing strong ROI measurement in their businesses. It all helps to add real value to the work they deliver whether that’s through film, digital, events or meetings.”

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