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GBTA announces Russia added to list of GBTA BTI™ Outlook reports available in 2014

At today’s GBTA Russia Travel Symposium, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) — the voice of the global business travel industry —announced Russia will be added to the list of prestigious GBTA BTI™ Outlook reports available in 2014.

Currently, the GBTA Foundation in partnership with Visa works to produce eleven GBTA BTI™ reports each year detailing business travel spend around the world. The research partnership produces The GBTA BTI™ Annual Global Report and Forecast: 2012-1016, the quarterly GBTA BTI™ Outlook: United States, and the semi-annual outlooks for Brazil, China and Western Europe (focusing on Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain). In 2014, semi-annual outlooks for Russia and India will be added. The reports project aggregate business travel trends over the next eight quarters.

Each report is designed to provide corporate travel professionals and the business community insight into the short and long term trends in both domestic and international outbound business activity. GBTA BTI™s have found that each country has a strong correlation between domestic business travel and employment figures, as well as international outbound travel and exports. 

“The BTI™ Outlook: Russia report will help travel programme managers, service providers, governments and travellers react to changes in the business travel market,” said Paul Tilstone, GBTA Senior Vice President of Global Operations. “Going forward, these reports will give the industry a stronger understanding of the constantly changing needs of business travellers.”

Russia is an important, growing market amongst global players in the world of business travel. According to the latest Global BTI™, it is clear that business travel spending is expected to grow across the globe, and the chart below shows that BRIC nations can generally expect to see much stronger growth in business travel spending compared with more established markets like the U.S. and Western Europe.

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