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Fare of London reveals greener cleaning saved 1.6 million litres of water

Contract and event catering firm Fare of London today revealed that they it has saved a total of 1.6 million litres of water by using the UK’s most environmentally friendly laundry service, the Caterers Linen Supply. Fare has worked with the Caterers Linen Supply since the company began and now utilises eco-friendly services across all its client venues, including Ironmongers Hall and the RCP’s William Harvey House hotel. This saves a staggering 468, 000 litres of water per annum compared with traditional laundry techniques.

The Caterers Linen Supply uses the most environmentally-friendly machinery, processes and procedures in order to minimise the amount of water wasted in the laundry process. This means that on average Fare of London will save 1,080 litres of water per week. 

Fare of London’s Managing Director John Durden said: “At Fare of London, we are making a conscious effort to develop greener processes and reduce our carbon footprint. We are astounded and very proud that we have saved such a staggering amount of water over the years. We will continue to support the Caterers Linen Supply and the fabulous work they do.”

Glyn Mulholland, Commercial Director of Caterers Linen Supply said “It is so rewarding when a long-standing client such as Fare of London can achieve such amazing results. We are delighted to be the UK’S most environmentally friendly laundry company and we hope to continue helping the catering industry to reduce their carbon footprint.”

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